Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Brief Review of Song-Cho Breadmaker & 1st Loaf of Bread

Breadmaker has been around for quite some time and seems like it is getting popular during the recent years. With its popularity, seems like more brands are coming out with their own breadmaker at affordable price.

My mom got very interested in breadmaker after watching some TV home shopping program. And I understand from my friends that breadmaker is really easy to use.. just dump everything in a particuar order and you get a nice hot bread at the end of about 3 hours.

And so after looking around, we decided to get a Song-Cho breadmaker. Price is one of the attractive factors (below $200).  It comes with a 18 presets functions and the promotor said apart from making various types of bread, it can be used for making Mee Hoon Kueh dough and jam.

The machine is made in China and comes with an English and Chinese instruction menu. Maybe because it is made in China, the menu was probably first written in Chinese then translate to English. The English is not very well translated. Some info are been missed out while some of the translated English are hard to understand. However, if you can understand Chinese, the Chinese menu is quite comprehensive.

Song-Cho Breadmaker
:: Sleek Looking Song-Cho Breadmaker ::

Song-Cho Breadmaker
:: 18 preset menus of Song-Cho Breadmaker ::

Base on the menu, the ingredients should always be placed into the bread barrel according to this sequence:

Water => Oil => Sugar => Salt => Milk Powder => Flour => Yeast

I have done some research on breadmaker and bread making and my understanding is this:

1) Always put in the liquid ingredients 1st
2) Followed by sugar at one corner, salt at the opposite far corner
3) Flour should be put in as 2nd last ingredient
4) Yeast will be the last ingredient to be in, preferably dig a well in the center of the flour and put it in.

It is essential that the yeast does not touch the liquid ingredients, salt & sugar if you are using the delayed baking function.

Using the recipe in the instruction menu.


160ml water
12ml cooking oil
3g salt
12g sugar
1 tbsp milk powder
260g bread flour
1 tsp yeast (I used instant yeast)

How to do:

1. Put all the ingredients into the bread barrel according to sequence listed above
2. Turn on the Song-Cho Breadmaker
3. Press the Menu button twice so that '2. Basic' preset function is selected.
4. Press the Color button to select light, medium or dark color of the bread crust. I selected medium

5. Press the Loaf button to select the weight of the loaf. For the above ingredients, it will be a 1.0LB loaf.
5. Press the Start button and leave the machine to do its job.

Tadah!! After 2hr 50 min, the loaf is done!

1st Loaf of Song-Cho Breadmaker Bread
:: 1st Loaf of Bread using Song-Cho Breadmaker ::

The dark spots on the bread are actually some leftover raisins from baking of my fruit cakes. I throw them in when the breadmaker is at knead2.

So how does the bread from Song-Cho Breadmaker fares against commercial bread? I actually find the crust to be on the thick side esp at the bottom. Maybe I should choose light color crust next time. As for the white bread part, according to my mom (an avid bread eater), it is comparable to commercial bread such like G brand or S brand.

Since this 1st loaf of bread, I have tested other recipes and yield more fluffy bread. Will be sharing in sequence posts.

2015 is coming! Have an awesome new year!


  1. Hi, I am keen to buy a breadmaker and I read your post on Song-Cho. It has been more than 1.5 years since this post was written. How has the Song-Cho breadmaker been? Have you changed your mind about it? Why is that so? Thank you in advance for replying to my message :)

    1. Hi unknown 😅,

      It is still working fine! Someone shared w me the tips of not getting the thick crust is to wrap the barrel w aluminium foil. It works well. If there is anything i wanna complain.. Is prob the cleaning part. 😁

    2. Hi unknown 😅,

      It is still working fine! Someone shared w me the tips of not getting the thick crust is to wrap the barrel w aluminium foil. It works well. If there is anything i wanna complain.. Is prob the cleaning part. 😁

  2. Hi, you meant to wrap the inner barrel with aluminium foil? Have you tried it? My mom's breadmaker gives her very thin crust, so I'm quite disappointed with my song Cho breadmaker

    1. Yes. Wrap the inner barrel if u want thin soft crust. If u wan thick hard crust, no need to wrap.

  3. Hi, i would like to know more on the problem of cleaning part. Will the oil keep/ store at those hole at upper cover/ left size of the corner machine area?

    1. It doesn't trapped oil at the places you mentioned when I do bread. If u are doing jam, Pls cover the inner barrel w aluminium foil else... Might splash out. The cleaning is more problematic at the spinning mechanism at the bottom of the inner barrel. The bread dough tend to stick to the small gaps.