Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Little Lambs Pineapple Tarts!

After baking hundreds of pineapple balls and open-faced pineapple tarts, my itchy hands are eager to try out new design for this almost everyone favorite cookies again! Previously I had so much fun shaping them into piglets.

Since the coming year is the Goat year, cute little lambs as pineapple tarts sound like a great idea!

As I have posted the pineapple tarts recipe previous here, this post is more to share how I shaped the pineapple tarts into the cute little lambs.

How to do:

1. Roll the pineapple jam into a ball.
2. Pinch a bit of the dough, flatten it and put a jam ball on top of it.
3. Wrap the dough around the jam and close up the gap.
4. Shaped it into a slightly elongated ball. This will form the body of the lambs.
5. Pinch more dough and shaped them into various parts of the lamb details as the photo shown below:
^Tail is missing from the photo, just pinch a small round for the tail.

:: Various parts of the lamb ::

6. For the ears, the long thin thread dough will have to further rolled up like the 'snail shell'.
7. Fix the various parts onto the main body in this sequence: face, head, ears, legs and tail as shown in the photo below:

:: Details of the Lamb ::

8. Use something sharp like toothpick to poke 2 eyes and draw a 'Y' to resemble the nose and mouth.
9. Use a scallop tart mould to make curvy patterns on the body to resemble fur.

:: Adding 'fur' to my lamb ::

:: Details at the back ::

These darlings are baked in the preheated oven at 160 degree for about 25 min.

:: The lambs having Pre-CNY party ::

:: 喜洋洋,排排坐 ::


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