Friday, June 19, 2015

Purple Ondeh Ondeh ~ Using Purple Sweet Potatoes

I love Nonya kuehs and ondeh ondeh is one of my favourite! My requirements for good ondeh ondeh are very simple:

1) The skin must be chewy
2) The inside must be of oozing goodness of gula melaka
3) It must not be too sweet

This is my first time attempting ondeh ondeh and I decided to use the recipe from My Mind Patch.

(made approx 20 mini ondeh ondeh)

100g purple sweet potatoes (steamed & mashed)
90g glutinous rice flour
10g tapioca starch
60g hot water (may require more if dough is too dry)
50g gula melaka

80g grated coconut (I bought chilled packet ones from NTUC)
1 pandan leaf (cut into several pieces)
1/4 tsp salt
2 tsp water

Just writing down the ingredients for my own record. I am not rewriting the recipe steps as I followed almost everything on the easy to follow recipe in link above. Do visit the website for steps by steps guide.

The slight difference is that I have used purple sweet potatoes so my ondeh ondeh are of a beautiful purple hue.

And for the gula melaka, instead of chopping it, I found it easier to just use a fruit peeler to shave them out.

Also, I picked up the pandan leaf from the grated coconut after steam and throw into the water for boiling the ondeh ondeh. Not sure if that helps to add a tinge of pandan fragrance to it.

The ondeh ondeh turned out fabulous, ticking off all my requirements for a good ondeh ondeh. This recipe is definitely a keeper!

:: Beautiful Purple Ondeh Ondeh ::

:: Oozing Goodness of Gula Melaka ::

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